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Download Idle army base apk: Make your army on your own terms

These days games are very popular among people of every age group, especially boys who are more interested in the game rather than studies or anything else as they need some entertainment to refresh themselves from their daily schedule.

If you are also among those who love games then it’s a nice chance for you because we are going to share with you an interesting game named Idle army base where you have to build your own army and defeat your opponent’s army. Just download this game and make yourself free from tension and give it a try.

The game is an idle game where the player is in charge of building their own army. While this may seem like a simple task, it can be difficult because there are some hurdles you will have to overcome.

How to play?

Luckily, with the help of Idle Army Base MOD and Idle Army Base apk, you will be able to build your army quickly and easily. The tutorial for the game is helpful if you need help learning how to play.


Idle Army Base is a very interesting strategic game where you get a chance to make your army on your own terms. You have to do it very wisely because there will be some hurdles for you but you have to be smart and active to tackle them.

The game starts with you in charge of just the barracks, so it’s up to you how much space you want to dedicate to this building (it doesn’t take up any resources) and how many troops should go here before they’re sent out. After that, it’s time to build an armory and make sure everyone has weapons.

Idle Army Base MOD is a mod that has been designed to help people like me who don’t want to pay anything or download anything else by having all the things I need right at my fingertips.

Download Idle Army Base Apk

Bus Stop

The military base also functions as a place for recruits to be received. Players will receive amounts to enlist every time. It is necessary to upgrade the bus station to increase the enlistment speed and the number of rookies.

Players will have to update certain aspects of the Bus Stop, such as Bus Frequency (time for recruits to enlist), and Bus Seat (number of recruits each time the bus arrives) with a little start-up funding. The number of upgrades a player can make is unlimited as long as he or she has the money to do so.


Not only do more recruits improve the strength of the whole group, but they also give each individual a much better opportunity to promote quickly.

This applies to anyone who trains diligently and maintains a good attitude. In this game, the rookie will enlist automatically when arriving at the Bus Stop, and things will be slow for a little while. Later in the game, it becomes increasingly busy.

Exercise Yard

One of the most important places where the base can generate income is here; as new recruits are upgraded, the limit at which they can participate in the training will steadily increase.

The player’s income rate will increase if they upgrade the training ground, which is one of the essential things that players receive once they start managing their military zone.

In the future, players will be able to unlock new areas and train recruits. Since an army doesn’t be limited to one field, players will need to unlock many different parts to enhance the overall strength of their army. In addition, they will store and store motor weapons, which is why it is imperative to build and expand the base.

Entrance Gates

The first-timer is brought to this spot where they get their uniforms and other effects before entering the premises. When it comes to creating uniforms and supplying them with equipment, 12 hours is a lengthy amount of time. With upgrades, this supply time can be shortened.

To start, only one port is open for trade, but in time, the player can make space for up to 8 ports to process their goods quickly.

You have access to the following thing in Idle Army Base MOD:

  • Training for Special Forces soldiers in the city.
  • Fighters will be trained on the “Training Ground”.
  • Train fighters to fly helicopters, go down ropes, and survive in the jungle.
  • The “Fights in the Desert” – riding on unsuited roads.
  • The “Fights in the Arctic” mode will teach your fighters to survive the harsh conditions of the Arctic tundra.
  • “Fights at sea” – train on warships, level up.

You will also be able to use chemical weapons, tanks, and artillery, and have your fighters learn subversive affairs, become paratroopers, and continue their daily missions with obstacle courses.

Best Features of Idle Army Base

Keep an eye on the progress of your base with great graphics

There is a lot of detail and detail in the graphics, and there is a good sense of progression as your base grows large. Despite its lack of significant micromanagement, this idle game is pretty satisfying, and that’s all that matters with a game like this.

Army Base Idle’s Best Features

Unlike classic Android idle games, Idle Army Base does not require you to be glued to your phone. In this game, life on your base continues at a steady pace with decent graphics, a nice soundtrack, and soldiers rushing about.

It’s fun to watch your troops train on Urban Warfare, or exercise in the yard. Take a look at the game’s best features and why you should download it right now.

Challenges will get you farther in less time.

Many challenges are open in the Idle Army Base that you can do to go fast in the game. They are all listed on the map and are easy to do when you know the basics.

Some challenges in the game could be, training a new battalion of arctic warfare troops, establishing a well-maintained exercise yard, etc. Below is a description of some of the tasks available in the game.

In case of conflict, educate your army on how to best strategize

It’s a good idea to have troops who can be good in many ways – both fighting on the beaches, fighting in the mountains, and fighting underwater, for example.

Your soldiers need to be prepared for anything nowadays. Urban Warfare teaches them how to fight through urban environments and then tear their enemies apart inside the buildings. Arctic Warfare is all about surviving in icy temperatures, but those kinds of extreme environments require specially trained individuals.

For those who aren’t from Arctic regions, fighting in a jungle would be especially unpleasant: too hot, humid, and home to plenty of biting insects. You will have to train your soldiers to perform optimally under these tricky conditions.

Every Soldier’s Tale Starts Somewhere

There are many different types of advanced warfare. If you want to begin with one of these, then you need to start from the very beginning. Training with one’s troops begins with the traditional drill-based environment, so I’ve enlisted this field as Exercise Yard.

With all this stuff, you can really train up your troops, taking them to be as great as you need them to be. There are weight lifting equipment, balls, bars, and more– all things that have been specifically designed to meet military standards.

Entry requirements for Special Troops may be different.

Every military without exception has its special forces. Some specialties like trained paratroopers to infiltrate enemy lines, or experts that are best at diffusing bombs or placing them strategically behind the line will give you a better chance at victory.

These are more sophisticated, special enhancements you unlock by continuing with your Idle Army Base, and take much longer to construct than your average troop. When you get to this point you know you have put in some serious time, and have crafted a great army base!

With a variety of weapons, your army can handle anything

Developing an Idle Army Base will allow you to equip your troops with a range of weapons, and any good general will tell you that war requires some serious firepower.

Let’s get started: assault rifles and army gear are the first steps into the world of military power but don’t worry, it gets much tougher as you go along. All sorts of vehicles can be built, including tanks, rocket launchers, and high-powered weapons.

Invest in artillery to take down positions from afar, in machine guns for securing important positions, and in chemical weapons for the next world war.

Download idle army base apk

There are so many games available in the app store. All of them are very interesting and enjoyable. One such game is Idle Army Base Mod. There are so many things to do in this game but you have to be careful while doing it.

This is a strategy game and there will be hurdles for you but with patience and smartness, everything will fall into place. It’s an awesome game that you have to download now!

Because Idle Army Base doesn’t have any difficult battles or heated competitions, there are many relaxing moments for players.

If you’re curious about exploring military life and you love to play idle games, then Idle Army Base is the perfect option I can offer to you. There are easy controls and intuitive images and the gameplay is easy, which means that you can soon get caught up in it and be hooked on it for hours.

How to Download the Idle Army Base App?

If you’re looking to download the Idle Army Base app, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will walk you through downloading and installing this popular app so you can get your idle games on as quickly as possible and start playing with your friends.

Installation Of The Game On Android

To download and install the game on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your phone’s Play Store or App Store. (You can also search for Idle Army Base in your browser.) Search for and then select IDLE ARMY BASE.
  2. Tap on INSTALL, and then tap on Accept & download.
  3. Once it downloads, opens the app by tapping on its icon from your home screen.
  4. Follow any other instructions that pop up once you start playing!

Installation Of The Game On iOS

  1. On your iOS device, go to the App Store.
  2. Search for Idle Army Base in the search bar and click on it when you find it, Click on Get.
  3. Once you have finished downloading and installing, open up the app and start playing!

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